Multi-Remote Next Generation Connection Manager

Important Notice about Security and Trust

Every time you store a password in mRemoteNG, you are placing your trust in it, and by extension me. I deeply appreciate that trust and I hope that I’ve been worthy of it.

If you haven’t heard already, I am stepping away from my involvement in mRemoteNG. I am working with the new maintainer, David Sparer, to slowly transition my responsibilities over to him. He has been building a team and they have been working to move development of mRemoteNG forward.

Today, they are releasing the first new version of mRemoteNG in over two years. As part of the trust you’ve placed in me, I feel it is my responsibility to make it clear that this new version has not been checked over by me.

I have no reason to distrust David and his team, but the decision whether to trust them or not is one that you individually and as a community will need to make for yourselves.