Multi-Remote Next Generation Connection Manager

Important Notice about Security and Trust

Every time you store a password in mRemoteNG, you are placing your trust in it, and by extension me. I deeply appreciate that trust and I hope that I’ve been worthy of it.

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[Fireside Chat #1] The Story So Far

Hello mRemoteNG users!

I’m a bit overdue for one of these update posts. As mentioned in the last post, I am hoping to provide information to the community about once a month about what we are working on and what we are planning for the future. I’ll be calling these the “fireside chats”.

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Latest update and plans for the future

Hello all,

I figure it’s time I made a post about what has been going on and what I have planned for the future. My intention is to have these sorts of posts somewhat often (once or twice a month at least) to give the community a sense of where the project is and where it is going.

  1. I’ve been working almost daily since announcing my take-over of the project to refactor and decouple the current code base. The current code is so huge and complex that it is suicide to try to get anything done without trying to entangle things. This needs to happen, and for sanity’s sake it needs to happen first. The connection/protocol subsystem will be targeted first.
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Looking for new leader for mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG has not been in active development for quite some time now. After I lost my job, I had hoped I could make a living maintaining mRemoteNG. However, user contributions and website advertising revenue turned out not to be enough to make that possible and the open source license means there are not many other options for monetization.

It’s time that I either hand the reigns over to someone else or declare the project dead. I feel bad for not doing so sooner.

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