Multi-Remote Next Generation Connection Manager

v1.77.3 Nightly Build


Hello all, Hello

I am releasing this NB as requested by our lovely community…

But first let me say:

BIG THANKS for yours donations!

Its really important for me, to see that you like this project and aware of ongoing development!

Now Topics details. Currently where its an ongoing changes in visual UI even if they not very spottable for regular user, no changes in logic (yet) some fixes and please don’t rise issues for NB but you are more than welcome to leave you comments there - I know, its have some weak parts what is not functional well - don’t forget NB its a workable, but not for work version - just for check that project is still alive and don’t smell stinky :D and yes, for this version don’t expect backup works correctly - its a mess that I am working now to sort in better manner than we have before.


Some changes you may see in Options (yes I know its still slow opening, but I am reworking this part, should be faster soon) Backup section - its a demo implementation as part of preparation for profile enabling - admin user of mRemoteNG will be able to set that Options user will able to see and that to change (or read only) just to demonstrate how I see this can be implemented.


Also its a try to make multimonitor work better, so as per now it hardcoded at the moment: if you have more than 1 monitor - splash will be show on second one (now its WPF based not WinForm anymore!) and should be better look for non standard DPI scaling and 4k monitors - welcome to comment how its looks on you side with screen shots (I like to use

So, thanks to read, hope you enjoy it, and that is a link to portable NB version 1.77.3 Hi5