Multi-Remote Next Generation Connection Manager

Goodbye Jira (Bug/Request tickets)


New user registration and new ticket creation has been turned off on Jira. Please create all new bug/request tickets over on our GitHub Issues page:

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[Fireside Chat #3] We can rebuild it, we have the technology

Hello mRemoteNG users!

Here is another extrememly overdue update from the dev team.

We’ve been hard at work getting v1.75 ready for alpha/beta testing. I think we are getting close(r). This update was slated to be security-focused with many important improvements. While that’s still mostly the case, it has been diluted a bit. When we took a look at the areas of the program that we wanted to change over the next few versions, it became clear that the architecture of the application was going to be a significant burden. Much of the code was tightly woven with how things get displayed and how that display should react when data changes.

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Hello all,

I’d like to announce that we have created a public chat room for mRemoteNG! We are using Gitter, which ties into GitHub nicely (including login).

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[Fireside Chat #2] Onward and Upward

Hey mRemoteNG users!

I’m waaay overdue for a community post, and there’s plenty of updates to share.

What has happened:

  • I’m happy to announce that in early May, Sean Kaim (owner of the mRemote3G fork) joined the development team! Sean has a background in C/Java/C# development. Sean did great work with mRemote3G, and continues to do so with us. Welcome Sean to the team! (Note: The bug fixes that Sean implemented in mRemote3G have been ported over to mRemoteNG. Active work on mRemote3G has been discontinued.)
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Important Notice about Security and Trust

Every time you store a password in mRemoteNG, you are placing your trust in it, and by extension me. I deeply appreciate that trust and I hope that I’ve been worthy of it.

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